Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia


Finding a good place to live will help you have a great international study experience. Research your options and organize your accommodation early.

Mahad Aljami’ah (Boarding House / University Hall)

Our student accommodation (Mahad Al Jamiah) is safe, comfortable, and provides a supportive living environment. 

Ma’had Al-Jami’ah IAIN Salatiga was established on September 1 2005, under the auspices of the Alumni Cooperation Foundation, Parents of Students (YAKAOMI) IAIN Salatiga. The background of Ma’had’s establishment is the basic idea, namely:

  1. First, to combine the positive dimensions of tertiary institutions and Islamic boarding schools, where both must be achieved together to create a generation that has mastery of science and technology as well as having good personality and morality.
  2. Second, at the scientific level it is very important to be able to put the value of monotheism into the scientific areas studied by students so that the science and technology studied can provide knowledge of the importance of metaphysical and spiritual values from religious teachings.
  3. Third, in the social area of today’s society it is increasingly evident that there is an elitist phenomenon of educated groups who are smart at school but are isolated by the knowledge they have in the midst of their society so that students lose sensitivity to their social environment. This reality has an impact on the increasing distance between universities and their students in the midst of real needs and problems in society. Universities in such a position are like on top of an ivory tower that is alien to the reality of society and its culture. Higher education ideally can unite with society to strengthen the development of science and technology as well as art.

The facilities and means that will be obtained if you will stay at Mahad Al Jamiah are as follows:

1. Building

2. Bedroom

3. Bathroom

4. Hall

5. Field

6. Parking

7. Main Office

8. Living room

9. Wifi access

10. Worship Facilities

11. Kitchen

12. Library

The following are the main and extracurricular activities that will be carried out at Mahad Al Jamiah:

1. Rebana

2. Kataba

3. Tilawatil Qur’an

4. Public Speaking

5. Calligraphy

6. Graphic Design

7. Arts and Crafts

8. Sports (Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Gymnastics

9. Tutoring

Find out here to learn more about Mahad Al Jamiah and applying to stay.

Flat / Temporary Accommodation 

Where you live will be an important part of your UIN Salatiga experience. You can choose to live with a local family in a homestay, or find a flat in one of Salatiga’s unique neighborhoods. Most options are within easy walking distance of our three city campuses. Complete information about these types of accommodation can be accessed via the admission help desk at UIN Salatiga’s International Affairs Office by email or WhatsApp.