Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia

Campus Location

UIN Salatiga currently has 3 campus areas in different locations, where the distance between the three campuses is approximately 2 km each. 

Campus I, which is the first campus, is near the heart of Salatiga, precisely at Tentara Pelajar Street Number 2 Salatiga. Getting to Campus I of UIN Salatiga is quite easy because it’s in the city center, right next to the Salatiga City Square. The location of Campus I UIN Salatiga is also adjacent to the Raya Darul Amal Mosque, the Police Office, Samsat, Mayor’s Office, Salatiga General Hospital, Kridanggo Stadium and other government centers. 

Campus II is located in Kembang Arum, Dukuh, Kec. Sidomukti, Salatiga, Central Java, precisely at Nakula Sadewa Street. This location is easy to reach by two-wheeled vehicle or car. 

Campus III is located on the southern ring road of Salatiga. This campus will become an integrated campus of UIN Salatiga.