Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia


Salatiga is a small city in Central Java province which has an area of approximately 54.98 square kilometers. With a population of around 196,082 people, this city has been named a city that has high tolerance. The harmony is established by CSOs, NGOs, the Government, and religious leaders through programs or activities is aimed to provide motivation and encouragement to the community or society so that they are able to maintain harmony amidst the diversity in Salatiga. Setara Institute gave the 2020 Tolerance City Index (IKT) score of 6.717. Previously, in 2015, 2016 and 2018 the Setara Institute also placed Salatiga in the top 10 most tolerant cities in Indonesia. 

Salatiga is culturally diverse and home to people from all around the world. The culture, language and traditions play a vital role in shaping our identity. The management of the area of Salatiga is classified as advanced in its time as a habitable city by taking into geographical location and the wisdom itself. The city is also supported with complete arrangement of areas as parks, public facilities, educational facilities, places of worship and public support facilities.

Now Salatiga is growing and remains a dream residential city for most of the people. Even more people come from all around the world to this beautiful city to study since the establishment of several leading universities. With the diversity of people living in Salatiga today, it has a new nickname as “The Mini Indonesia”.