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Tuesday, August 1, 2023. To welcome foreign students from India, students of the Repatriation Affirmation Program for Community Learning Center (CLC) and Indonesian School Kota Kinabalu (SIKK) Malaysia students for the 2023/2024 academic year, Center for International Cooperation, LP2M, UIN Salatiga, together with the Academic Service Section of UIN Salatiga held a virtual orientation for new students. The event was attended by the Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs, Alumni and Cooperation, Chair of LP2M, Dean of Faculty and Director of Postgraduate, Head of International Cooperation, Academic Services Section, and prospective foreign students from India and Malaysia. The event was hosted by Fikriyatul Falashifah, M.Dev.Stud. from the UIN Salatiga Academic Service Section.

The event began with a welcoming speech from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Alumni and Cooperation of UIN Salatiga, Dr. Sidqon Maesur, Lc., M.A. “Welcome and join a campus based on Islamic values and wasathiyyah, UIN Salatiga. You will be on campus with a beautiful and very comfortable environment to study,” he said. Next, a welcoming speech was delivered from the head of LP2M UIN Salatiga, Hammam, Ph.D. in his remarks, he welcomed prospective students and LP2M through the Center for International Cooperation will be even more massive to encourage the internationalization of UIN Salatiga, one of which is by recruiting students from abroad together.

The main event in this activity was a presentation on student orientation delivered by the Head of the Center for International Cooperation LP2M UIN Salatiga, Marisa Fran Lina, M.Pd. The material presented includes the rights and obligations of foreign students, housing regulations for foreign students, and campus issues. After the presentation was delivered, the event continued with discussion and questions and answers. The event was held full of warmth and the audience’s curiosity about UIN Salatiga made the discussion and question and answer run smoothly. (MFL)

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