Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia


Your Letter of Acceptance may contain one of 3 situations:

Accepted: Accepted applicant will receive Letter of Acceptance (LoA) which can be downloaded in the Progress Status Section. If your letter indicates you have been accepted into your program, the next step is for you to confirm your intention to come to UIN Salatiga by sending your confirmation fee payment and completing required documents. All payment details and full instructions are in your Letter of Acceptance. Your seat in your program is not saved until all conditions have been met, tuition fees have been paid in full and proof of Study Permit approval has been received by UIN Salatiga.

Accepted with Conditions: If your acceptance letter indicates you are accepted with conditions, it will include a list of one or more conditions that you must meet to earn a seat in your program. A condition may be as simple as providing additional academic documentation. Your Letter of Acceptance will have all the information.

Not Accepted: Unfortunately, we may not be able to offer you a seat in the program you have chosen for some reasons.