Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia


The following are a number of testimonials from international students who have graduated from UIN Salatiga and who are now studying at UIN Salatiga.

Mohd Rabe (India), A Magister Program (S2) Student of Islamic Education at UIN Salatiga

Assalamu Alaikum Wrh Wbr

I am Mohd Rabe from India. I have completed my schooling from UP’s Madrasa and graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia a Central University, New Delhi in Persian language (Bachelor of arts/S1) with the subsidy subjects, Political Science and History. Also, I have completed Graduation (S1) in Arabic Language from UP Madarsa Board Lucknow, India. Fortunately, last year I got scholarship for Post Graduation (S2) In Islamic Education from UIN Salatiga, Indonesia. This is golden opportunity for me to get scholarship from UIN Salatiga, Indonesia. UIN Salatiga is the part of my dreams. I got all facilities for study that I was expecting from this institution. Faculty members, administrators and all staff are very polite, helpful and have good behaviour. University provided me required facilities including tuition fee, living cost and accommodation in suitable location as such a student required. Campus environment and location is very good and attractive for students I think if anybody wants to study in UIN Salatiga so He/She will not face any problem.

If I say about Indonesian people so definitely, I will have to say that I never met this type of kindness, friendliness, politeness, well manner and good behavior people. I Never feel alone in Indonesia. UIN Salatiga is like my second home. I am still learning Indonesian language that will be the best and helpful for further study and works.

Thanks A lot UIN Salatiga


Assalam o Alaikum wr br.
Good Morning Everyone 🎉
My name is Anzar Aquil. I come from India and I am originally from India. I have completed my undergraduate program (S1) and master program (S2) in the field of Islamic Studies from Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi India. My hobby is reading religious books such as Islamic history and culture. I like to visit new places. I got a scholarship for Doctorate Programs (S3) Islamic Religious Education from UIN Salatiga. I do like the atmosphere of Indonesia because the place is very beautiful, and Indonesian people are very friendly. I’m still learning Indonesian language so I can be more fluent to speak Indonesian Language. The campus environment is very peaceful. The faculty members are very helpful and friendly. They always help me. I feel comfortable with them. They are like members of my family. Campus provided me many accommodation facilities, tuition fees and little bit of living cost as a scholarship.
Thank you very much 😊

Nurkomareyah Hatmat (Thailand),
an undergraduate program student of English Education Department (TBI), UIN Salatiga

Thank you, God for giving me the opportunity to study in Indonesia. Indonesia is like a birthplace and UIN Salatiga is like a second home. Not only gaining knowledge, but also receiving friendship, affection, and good wishes from respected friends and teachers. I also have gained a lot of experience, and have learned good habits of residence, food, and cultural differences. Even if, I have a language problem, it is also lucky to have friends who help and thank teachers who understand my condition.
UIN Salatiga made me learn a second language, namely Indonesian, I really like it because it’s a soft language.
Meanwhile, while studying at UIN Salatiga, I had the opportunity to study important religious sites. Traveling to places like Borobudur, Mount Bromo, Mount Merapi, and many more, made me see the difference in nature and urban lifestyles of each area.
UIN Salatiga is like a starting point to learning new things in my life, thank you.💐💖

Mariam Eadyeesa-i (Thailand), an undergraduate program student alumnus of English Education Department (TBI), UIN Salatiga

In my opinion, while studying at UIN Salatiga for 4 years, there were many fondest memories of the 2018 classmates who helped me and a Thai friend in Salatiga.The weather is good and cold, it is nice for studying. The people helped each other so for 4 years it made a more beautiful memory to study at UIN Salatiga. 🙏🙂🙏🇹🇭❤️🇮🇩

Nurufaraai Sueni (Thailand), an undergraduate program student alumni of Islamic Education Department (PAII), UIN Salatiga

I think while studying at UIN Salatiga for 4 years, I got lots of fond memories, and friends in Indonesia can help me and my friends, it’s funny. The lecturers are all good. In my opinion, studying at UIN Salatiga is better, the cold weather is good for studying, the people help each other and Salatiga is a good place, Thank you 🙏

Suroya Taleh (Thailand), an undergraduate program student alumnus of English Education Department (TBI), UIN Salatiga

Thank God, I was able to come to Indonesia to look for experience and learn, to know cultures that I didn’t know, to know Indonesians and better friends. It’s funny to be able to travel around cities in Indonesia, it’s a beautiful memory for me and my Thai friends. I love the weather in Salatiga, because it’s cold, I like the food and it’s delicious. Thank you to the lecturers of UIN Salatiga for their help and giving better advice to me and my friends. Thank you for 4 years in Indonesia, which I love more. 🙏💗

Thai students who studied at UIN Salatiga