Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia

Undergraduate and Master Program Scholarship (International Students Only)

UIN Salatiga offers a scholarship for Doctorate Program. As part of the scholarship, UIN Salatiga will be responsible for your expenses during his study up to 48 months (for undergraduate program) and 36 months (for master program). This scholarship will cover these following components:

1.     Admission / Registration        : Free

2.     Tuition Fee                            : Free

3.     Housing / Accommodation     : Mahad Al Jamiah

Please note that this scholarship will not cover these following expenses:

1.     Visa, Residential Permit (ITAS) and other immigration-related costs

2.     Transportation

3.     Monthly Living Allowance

4.     Settlement Allowance

5.     Basic Health Insurance

6.     Graduation

7. Seminar / Colloqium

8.     Journal Publication

9.  Housing-related Additional Costs (e.g. electricity and water bill)

10.  Family Allowance